Your website is more than an advertising expense;
it is a business asset.

At the simplest level, your website can be thought of as advertising or the modern-day equivalent of a Yellow Pages listing. In this sense your website is a mechanism for your organization or business to easily reach the public at large and be found via Google or Facebook.

But whether you run a business or a non-profit, your website must do more than say "Hello world!" Websites must engage customers or members, sell products, or build membership. Therefore your website must:

  • Function properly on mobile screens
  • Coordinate with other marketing tools like mailchimp
  • Integrate with social marketing, e.g. be easily be shared on Facebook
  • Have good SEO and appear on Google as a Business Listing
  • Create loyalty opportuinities by offering sign-up via a contact form or membership registration
  • Serve customers or members via eCommerce, Calendars, Event Registration

These are "engagement features" that build loyalty, sales, membership and business growth.

Your Website appearance demonstrates the value of your Organization or Business

The crazy thing about the internet is that your website can put you on the same playing field as much larger organizations. You may have a small store-front, a two-room business suite, or work out of your home, but your website can make you look like a million bucks. It's similar to the idea that the overall value of your house is defined by a beautiful front door and installing granite counter tops in the kitchen.

This is why we consider your website to be a business asset, not an advertising expense. A well-designed website adds value to your business. More than that, your website defines the value of your business.

A graphic designer creates a brand and a logo (asset); a printshop sends you some business cards (advertising expense)

Your website (asset) engages your customers and provides them with services or products; a Google search or mailchimp campaign (advertisiong expense) sends a customer to your sign-up page

A word about SEO

Good SEO means that a Google search finds your website easily given sensible keywords. This is not rocket science for most businesses. (A lawyer named John Smith in Los Angeles might have a difficult SEO issue.) Good SEO for your website results from meeting normal Google standards for a business listing, having a mobile-friendly website, and natural language pages that properly describe your services and organization. Be aware that there is an industry of "marketing-consultants" that offer high-priced SEO advice. Good SEO should be automatically acheived if your website is well-designed.

Where does your website fit into your your business plan?

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